Epic vs Apple: Apple denies contempt in Epic Games lawsuit

Fortnite by the hand of the famous independent video game developer company Epic Games as well as Apple, the large multinational technology corporation, has been another turn of the screw in the continuing battle. Last month, Epic, in court, started a long process against Apple, accusing it of breaking a court order by not leaving the doors for developers open to using outside the app payment systems. Now, Apple is retaliating.

Here are the details of the situation:

Epic vs Apple: This parties lasted for many years.

In 2020, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple for what they said is the strict control of the App Store plus that 30% cut in in-app purchases in violation of antitrust laws. Such a case gained notoriety, which provoked discussion about the approach in the store and the power of such platforms.

The court providing an order and Epic bringing the contempt charge.

In 2021, the judgment, where a judge mostly favored Apple, but issued an injunction that Apple should accept the use of external payment methods within their apps, which might indirectly bypass the Apple commissions was the result. doing. Epic on the other hand claimed that Apple did not respect the rules as it stated.

Apple’s response: We basically need to meet the order in a way which defends the business too.

The latest action of Apple on its App Store after the stingy App Store guidelines update, now developers can reach to external websites for alternative payment options. Apple on the other hand still requires prior approval and receives 12-27% on each transaction as its commission. In this court file, Apple denies the order being violated and it argued that Epic was misunderstanding the order’s purpose. To get an original version from Apple, it is claimed that the main purpose is not to abridge developers’ fees rather just to provide some info.

Epic’s logic: “Sham Compliance”

Epic stands firm that the Apple’s solution, though a “sham” by its name, actually charts out a developmental commission structure that is hurting the search for developers using alternatives. They are striving for a system that will be an “open” one and under the control of Apple on methods of payment.

Looking ahead:

Judge will next evaluate if Apple is following the court ruling or not. The case gives a golden chance to app stores and developers and he has a huge impact on platforms like the iPhone App Store by similar cases.

More details:

In the beginning of the January 2024, the US Supreme Court declined to hear the appeals of the sides involved in both cases.

On the opposite, Apple defeat an additional litigation concerning App Store commissions in court in the UK in April 2024.

The issues related to digital platform competition and domination have also caught the attention of other tech giants, including Facebook and Microsoft, who are now on the side of Epic with the claim that Apple is getting out of line.

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