Google Play to add Fingerprint and Face Unlock for purchases

Does the child accidentally download an in-app purchase sometimes bother you? Google Play increasing the security of your purchases through biometric technology!

For this new function, you can use your fingerprint or face unlock to make your purchase while bypassing the texting of your Google Account password. Say goodbye to the need of memorizing passwords: just a tap or glance will get the job done and it will be fast and secure at the same time.

Why use biometric verification?

Extra Security: Biometric security is a higher security filtering system thus one can be assured that their deceitful luggage is secured even if one’s phone ever turns out in the wrong hands.

Feature: Skip Password! With a tap or a glance, you can instantly confirm your purchase without the hassle of passwords.

Peace of mind: Biometric identification gives you comfort in the knowledge that only you can authorize the buying of things using your device.

A 2023 study by Juniper Research forecasts that biometric authentication for mobile payments will surpass fingerprint recognition as the preferred method by 2025. This highlights the growing adoption of fingerprint and face unlock for secure transactions.

How to enable biometric verification:

The update is rolling out in the coming weeks, but here’s what to expect:The update is rolling out in the coming weeks, but here’s what to expect:

  1. Click on Play Store icon next to the app.
  2. Touch your image on the top right of the screen.
  3. Go to Purchase Verification under Settings.
  4. Toggle on “Biometric Verification”.

Important Notes:

  • This option is compatible with both Android and facial recognition fingerprint devices that have integrated systems.
  • You have a selection which allows you to pick the frequency in which the verification occurs; which can be always, every 30 minutes or never.
  • Such process however only works in case of the purchases which are made by Google Play’s billing system.

A 2022 survey by PYMENTS found that 61% of consumers prefer biometric authentication for its convenience and perceived security compared to traditional passwords or PINs.

Shop securely and better with Google Play.

Google Play is ready to ensure your online shoppings are secure and easy with one click by biometric verification. Thus forget about the passwords and indulge yourself in the new fun mode of transactions on the mobile secured platform.

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