Nokia Revives Classics: HMD launches Nokia 230, Nokia 5310 & Nokia 6310

Do you remember the days of playing Snake on the almost never breaking Nokia phone? HMD, the company that now has the license to make Nokia-branded devices, is reliving our nostalgia with the launch of three new feature phones: Nokia 6310 (2024), Nokia 5310 (2024), and Nokia 230 (2024).

Modern twists on classic designs

These phones have familiar names but they aren’t simply repeats of the past. Each phone has a fresh design that stays true to its roots while incorporating modern touches.

Nokia 6310 (2024):

This phone retains the classic looks of the 2021 model, but with one significant upgrade – a longer-lasting 1,450mAh battery. It also ditches Micro USB for a more modern USB-C charging port.

Nokia 5310 (2024):

This update to the popular ExpressMusic line keeps the music focus alive with a dedicated music button. It retains the larger 2.8-inch display and 1,450mAh battery introduced in the 2020 version, and upgrades to a USB-C port for charging.

Nokia 230 (2024):

Nokia 230 gets a boost in battery life with a 1,450mAh unit, replacing the older model’s battery. Design remains the same. The 2024 edition includes a USB-C port for convenient charging.

Focus on the essentials: Calling, Texting, and Entertainment

Let’s be clear, these are feature phones, not smartphones. You won’t find fancy app stores or high-resolution cameras here. The focus is on the essentials: reliable calling, texting, and basic entertainment features.

  • All three phones have a 2.8-inch display for comfortable viewing.
  • The Nokia 6310 (2024) and Nokia 5310 (2024) are equipped with VGA cameras for capturing simple photos.
  • A music lover’s phone, the Nokia 5310 (2024) has FM radio and dedicated music buttons.
  • All three phones offer dual-SIM support for added flexibility.

Battery life and connectivity

The biggest advantage of feature phones is their long battery life. With all three phones boasting 1,450mAh batteries, you can expect to stay connected for days on a single charge.

However, these phones are limited to 2G networks. This means they won’t work with the newer 3G or 4G LTE networks that are becoming common in many areas.

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One phone for all (on a budget)

HMD hasn’t revealed official pricing yet, but given their feature-phone nature, they’re likely to be cheaper than modern smartphones. This makes them ideal for:

  • First time phone users: A simple and affordable way to stay connected.
  • Backup phone: This is a reliable option if your primary smartphone runs out of battery or malfunctions.
  • Budget-conscious users: A no-frills phone that gets the job done without breaking the bank.

The Nokia 6310 (2024), Nokia 5310 (2024), and Nokia 230 (2024) offer a unique blend of classic design and modern functionality. While they may not be for everyone, they cater to a specific segment – users who prioritize simplicity, affordability, and long battery life.

If you’re looking for a reliable phone for basic communications and entertainment these Nokia feature phones are definitely worth considering. Stay tuned for updates on pricing and availability as these phones hit the market soon.

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