Infinix Note 40 Pro Series: Mid-Range with Wireless Charging launched in India

Infinix is giving India smartphone industry a run for its money in the mid-range smartphone market with the launch of Note 40 Pro series. Their manufacturing embarked on richly-featured phones that innovate with lifeline boosters like the most recent Android updates at reasonable prices.

Charge up your expectations:

Infinix Note 40 Pro series comprise “all-round FastCharge 2. 0” technology which makes them the best price phones with wireless charging in the Indian market. Likewise, both models, Note 40 Pro and Note 40 Pro+, have a feature that supports MagSafe-like system of wireless charging that has 20W watts. However, the Note 40 Pro+ can charge 100W faster compared to the Note 40 Pro and its charging speed is as fast as 45W, which rendered those as a useful and faithful accessory to self-image establishing.

Smooth performance and stunning visuals:

MediaTek Dimensity 7020 ∼ The chipset of this device powers and does everyday tasks with no lags associated with it, and it also allows for gaming. The large 6. 78 of approx-inch curved AMOLED display featuring a 120Hz refresh rate guarantee seamless play, and a responsive experience. To exalt e community of sets, systems are abundantly outfitted with stereo loudspeakers tuned by JBL.

Capture lasting memories:

The triple-camera equipment on the two devices has the boastful 108MP high-resolution main sensor that captures photographs and records YouTube or other social-medial videos. The 32MP front camera allows you to either take crisp selfies or join video calls.

Stock Android 14 with clean experience:

In contrast with most other phone makers, Infinix differ in the sense that they highly value stock Android 14 on the Note 40 Pro series. In other words, you will log in and be handed an unsullied device, free of any bloatware with latest features and updates. Which goes a long way to infect and act as a repair for your device. If you are a first-time user, this environmental concern will not be evident at first. Commitment given by the company is 2 OS updates and 3 years of securities patches, this makes sure that your phone will be safeguarded.

Competitive pricing

Aside from its special features on the Infinix Note 40 Pro series, you will be able to get it at an affordable cost. Here’s an analysis:

Infinix Note 40 Pro: This single configuration comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB store with the pricing of Rs 21,999 or close to USD $288.

Infinix Note 40 Pro+: The Note 40 Pro+ which has 12GB RAM and 256GB storage is available for Rs Rs 24,999( =PRINTS USD$327) for those loving with more RAM.

Available colors and introductory offers:

The Infinix Note 40 Pro series comes in three stylish colors: The designs and shades: Obsidian Black, Titan Gold, and Vintage Green. Those enthusiast shoppers who want the voucher and the free MagKit accessory kit (case and charger) with the early bird sale on Flipkart on the 1st September will only need to sign up. In this time, it will cost you from Rs 19,999 only which is equal to $263 approximately

Comparison of the both models:

FeatureInfinix Note 40 ProInfinix Note 40 Pro+
Wired Charging45W100W

Whether Note40 Pro series is for you or not, this is a highly capable and challenging series that should be taken seriously.

Do you want powerful and feature-rich phone with the most advanced software, including fast wireless charging and a long-lasting battery? The Infinix Note 40 Pro range of devices is perfect for you. The pricing policies and variety of phone models with their keenly-priced initial offers make these phones very affordable and offer great value for money.

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