Microchip Unveils New USB-Enabled AVR DU Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology, a leader in microcontroller (MCU) technology, has introduced the AVR DU family. This is a new generation of 8-bit MCUs designed to streamline development and increase functionality for embedded systems. This exciting release focuses on improved USB connectivity, better power delivery, and stronger security features.

Revolutionizing Embedded Systems with Advanced USB

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface is ubiquitous in modern electronics. It offers a standardized and versatile connection method with streamlined communication protocols, in-field updates, and even power distribution capabilities. The AVR DU family takes advantage of these benefits to simplify the integration of USB functionality into embedded systems.

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Power your designs with 15W delivery

An important advantage of the AVR DU family is the ability to support power delivery up to 15W via USB interface. This feature is generally better than that found in other USB microcontrollers of this class. This increased power delivery capability translates to USB-C charging with up to 3A of current at 5V, making these MCUs ideal for a variety of high power-demand applications such as portable power banks and rechargeable toys.

Microchip (unofficially) clarifies the 15W capacity: While the datasheet doesn’t go into detail about the specifications, Microchip has indicated that the 15W capacity does not include an integrated power stage on the chip.

Low cost and simplified design

The AVR DU family boasts features that reduce design complexity and bill of materials (BOM) costs. One such feature is the USB clock recovery circuit, which eliminates the need for an external crystal oscillator, a commonly used additional component. Additionally, Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) allow designers to integrate core device functions and system management functions within a single chip. This reduces board space and streamlines the design process.

Operating Temperature Range

The AVR DU family operates reliably within a wide temperature range of +40°C to +85°C, making it suitable for a variety of environmental conditions.

Applications for Diverse Embedded Systems

The versatility of the AVR DU family extends to a wide range of embedded designs. Fitness trackers, wearable devices, home appliances, and even agricultural and industrial applications can all benefit from the efficient and powerful features offered by these MCUs.

Streamlined development with support

Microchip offers a wealth of resources to facilitate development with the AVR DU family. A virtual demonstration of the MCU can be found at Try.microchip.com, allowing potential users to explore the capabilities first-hand.

Development tools at your fingertips

A comprehensive suite of development tools supports the AVR DU family, including:

  • MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC): This software simplifies development by providing a user-friendly interface to configure the peripherals and functionalities of the MCU. It also includes a production-ready USB software stack.
  • Curiosity Nano Development Board (EV59F82A): This easy development board allows rapid prototyping and testing with the AVR64DU32 MCU. It has two USB Type-C connectors, one for programming and debugging, and the other for connecting to the MCU’s USB peripherals.
  • MPLAB XC8 Compiler: This high-performance C compiler is specifically designed for developing code for Microchip’s 8-bit microcontrollers.

About Microchip Technology

Company NameMicrochip Technology
Publicly TradedYes (American corporation)
HeadquartersChandler, Arizona, USA
ProductsMicrocontrollers (PIC, dsPIC, AVR, SAM), Mixed-signal and analog ICs, Flash-IP solutions, Other (Serial EEPROM, Serial SRAM, security devices, radio frequency devices, power management solutions)
MarketsIndustrial, Automotive, Consumer, Aerospace and Defense, Communications and Computing

Microchip Technology is an American company in the field of microcontrollers, mixed-signal, analog and flash-IP integrated circuits.

The AVR DU family of microcontrollers from Microchip Technology represents a significant advancement for embedded systems developers. With its advanced USB capabilities including 15W power delivery, improved security features and cost-saving design ideas, the AVR DU family empowers engineers to create innovative and powerful embedded solutions.

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