Pixel Tablet to Levels Up Assistant Interaction with “Look and Sign”

The feature is rumor to be called “Look and Sign” (LnS) and will be available on the Pixel tablets. The feature looks like an improvement on the prevailing “Look and Sign” feature on Nest Hub Max devices.

What is look and sign?

The Look & Sign feature permits users to use Google Assistant, on screens of smart displays, by just glancing at the screen and saying your command. With this, saying things like “Hey Google” is no longer needed which makes it easier for people to converse in a natural, reliable and easy way.

A 2023 report by Statista predicts over 1.8 billion people will use smart speakers with voice assistants by 2024. This highlights the widespread adoption of voice-activated interfaces.

What Look and Sign can do?

Although details are scarce, here are two possibilities based on leaked information:Although details are scarce, here are two possibilities based on leaked information:

Hand gesture activation: Look and Sign can swipe for hand signs as additional method that the assistant can activate. Point to the screen, move with hand to the thumbs up sign, or use some other obvious gesture which shows that you wish to communicate with the Assistant.

Sign language support: Another overwhelming thought is that the service incorporated with the assistant could allow someone to use their sign language to communicate. This will be a major achievement for the deaf/heard-impaired people, allowing them to communicate conveniently with their smart home devices. As far as sign language recognition is concerned, Google once exhibited its intentions by means of its machine learning projects.

Why is this interesting?

The Look and Sign history shows that Google Assistant would still be a force to reckon in smart home control despite the increase of Gemini, the possibility next Assitant equivalent. This intrigues because it means that Pixel tablet may be the one on which you can choose to have Assistant or Gemini while it docked or undocked.

What’s next?

With rumors that new Pixel tablet is coming, the applied introduction of the Look and Sign for the smart home application might signal Google’s continuous investment on the Assistance. We’ll obviously have to wait for Google to explain the full capacity of the Look and Sign and what changes to the usability of the Pixel tablets this new Android feature might imply.

A 2022 World Health Organization (WHO) report https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/deafness-and-hearing-loss estimates over 466 million people globally have disabling hearing loss. Voice assistants can pose challenges for this population.

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