PVML Secures $8M to Democratize Secure AI Data Access

PVML, a great innovator in the field of AI-enabled data access, has successfully raises its seed funding round of $8 million. The round was led by a major venture capital firm by NFX, with the contribution of FJ Labs and Gefton Capital, both focused on investors on disruptive technologies.

This funding coincides with the general availability of safe data access platforms to promote PVML. It empowers platform organizations to take advantage of the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data analysis with sensitive datasets while maintaining the guarantee of strong privacy.

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Data security challenge in AI-Driven world

The increasing importance of data in today’s commercial scenario is undisputed. However, there is a growing concern for safety with this dependence on data, especially when dealt with sensitive information.

Adopting AI presents a particularly important challenge. AI has the ability to unlock valuable insights from data, security concerns often serve as a barrier to implementation. According to PVML, more than half (51%) enterprises still have a limited or non-existent AI adoption.

PVML: Securely highlight the power of AI for data analysis

PVML addresses this challenge by offering a safe data access platform that uses a powerful mathematical structure, discriminatory privacy. Differential privacy strategically works by starting “controlled noise” in data output, effectively obscure sensitive information from attackers. This approach provides mathematical guaranteed data protection, ensuring privacy without compromising data analysis and accuracy of machine learning models.

Beyond structured data: unlocking the ability of Unstructured information

The platform of PVML is beyond securing structured data such as number or text. By incorporating the recovery enhanced generation (RAG) capabilities, it facilitates safe access to unaccounted data formats such as PVML, image, audio files and handwritten notes. This approach strengthens the AI model to take advantage of a wide range of data sources.

PVML leadership

Company NamePVML Ltd.
Founded2022 (Israel)
IndustryData Security, Artificial Intelligence
Funding$8 Million Seed Funding (Led by NFX, with participation from FJ Labs and Gefen Capital)
Products/ServicesSecure Data Access Platform
TechnologyDifferential Privacy, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

PVML is led by a team with a deep understanding of both data security and artificial intelligence. In 2022, the company, co-established by Shachar Shanap and Reena Galperin. Both hold postgraduate degrees in computer science, with Schnapp boasting a PhD in Differential Privacy and Galperin bringing experience in Natural Language Processing & AI. This combination of academic credit and industry experience makes PVML a place for data security in the complex sector of AI.

The Future of Secure and Accessible Data Analytics

PVML solution empowers businesses to unlock AI’s transformative ability, ensuring the privacy of their sensitive data. With the support of a team of major investors and experienced leaders, PVML AI-run is ready to revolutionize the way of data analytics in the future.

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